Efficiency for a greener future.

Battery Powered

We run entirely on electricity for a zero-pollution vehicle.

Energy Efficient

At under 15 pounds, Kiki Air drones don’t move any extra weight around.

Ultra Quiet

Small, light quadcopters fly at only 55 decibels for minimum noise pollution.

Your order is in good hands.

Safety is our top priority. Get to know our expert flight crew and cutting-edge safety features.

Reduce smog and congestion
with car-free delivery

Switching to cleaner technology shouldn’t mean sacrificing quality. By creating a simpler, more efficient system, drone delivery allows for 5x+ faster fulfillment at a fraction of the energy cost.The average car-based food delivery releases two pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere — that’s over 15 tons of carbon each day in the United States alone. Instead of navigating a two-ton vehicle and a human being in an indirect path through traffic, Kiki Air’s battery-powered aircraft zips straight to its destination.

Disruptive technology that won't disrupt your neighborhood

Your community is important to us. That’s why our delivery drone uses thin, aerodynamic blades for minimum propellor noise load. At around the size of a printer, a Kiki Air drone cruises at only 55 decibels — that’s about as quiet as an electric toothbrush.

Bring Kiki Air to your community

Interested in powering your neighborhood, campus or business with drone delivery? Let us know.

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